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LinkedIn tipping point?

Just back from holiday and I’m getting lots of requests from people I know to join LinkedIn. I’ve been a member of various web based social network systems for a couple of years, but have only been reactive. That is, if someone asks me to join I do, but I don’t try to ‘build’ my online network (I do put lots of effort into my offline social network). I’ve always been intrigued by the potential for computers to facilitate social networks, but I’ve been leary of the simplistic approaches taken so far. Then there’s the truism that whenever a human system is made explicit it can be gamed.

I’m curious as to what’s happened with LinkedIn that’s suddenly made it more popular. It will be interesting to see whether this surge dies off, or continues.

What I really want though, is for it to be integrated into the automatic checkin kiosks at the airport. I want them to say “this person in your network is also on this plane, would you like to sit beside them?”.

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Captain James Cook