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Universal control

Netvibes has upgraded and added some new social networking features. Hmm, I thought, just what I need. Yet another social networking service, friendship links to create and maintain, and content to post. Little did I know how good it was going to be. In going through the upgrade process I was confronted with this message:


Insanely Great

I just bought an iPhone. This is, without question, the most fantastic purchasing and setup experience I have ever had with a piece of technology. It even beats my Prius (only just though).

I decided it was time to get one once a colleague and friend of mine acquired an iPhone to replace his iTouch. The number of people at Kiwifoo that had them, the apparent ease of unlocking them, and the availability of a community of users in NZ tipped the balance for me.

My colleague recommended I use I was reassured by the clarity of the information on their site, the apparent ease of unlocking the iPhone to work in NZ, and an excellent price. I placed the order at about 5:30 pm on Monday. You could pay by credit card, Paypal, or Internet banking. I got an email from them the next day confirming the order. The staff were friendly, courteous and helpful. It arrived by courier at about 10am this morning.

Like everything Apple the packaging was beautiful. I turned the iPhone on, and it took about five seconds to configure the WiFi. On the site it provides instructions for unlocking the iPhone. In the email the guy said that I could just put my Vodafone sim in. I did that, and it connected to the network. No unlocking, no configuration, no entering settings, it just worked. preconfigure the phones with the appropriate settings for NZ.

The next thing I did was to plug the iPhone into my laptop. It’s a Windows XP Tablet PC. As a side note, I also use an Ubuntu desktop at work, and we have two iMacs at home. I see it as my duty as an IS consultant to be technology agnostic, and in my book that means actually using and being experienced with everything. On the Tablet I’ve used Outlook 2003 to sync calendar, contacts etc to my Treo. I also use a plugin in Outlook to sync everything to Plaxo, which then syncs everything to Gmail and Google Calendar, LinkedIn, and the address book in Thunderbird on three different machines.

When I plugged the iPhone into the laptop iTunes opened, and asked me if I wanted to sync my calendar and contacts with Outlook. I agreed and it did it. Just like that. I have never had this happen before with a Palm device. It’s always taken a bit of configuration, trying different things, and a few goes to sync everything. iTunes also synced all my music, audiobooks and podcasts (I’ve been using an iPod nano for those). All in one go. It literally took me less than 10 minutes to have the whole thing set up, with all my data. On one perfect device. Apple is insanely great.

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