What is the (e) in your eResearch?

First eMail, then eCommerce, eBusiness & eProcurement, eGovernment, eDating, and now eResearch. Does simply putting an ‘e’ in front of an existing practice make it somehow sexier, and more now? I headed along to the Wellington eResearch Symposium last week to find out.

OK, that’s not true. I did go to the Wellington eResearch Symposium last week, but I already have deeply held views about eResearch and have been advocating the concept for six or seven years. I’m just pretending to be a journalist today, and that sounded like something a journalist would say.

To read the rest of my write up of the event, visit my guest post about it on Sciblogs, the site that brings together the best science bloggers in the NZ on one website.

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