Sharing across the ditch

The great thing about open government, is that it’s just that. Open. The opposite of closed and┬áproprietary. We’re not just sharing the raw data, we’re sharing what we’ve learned about opening data. The guidance, toolkits, governance models and other supporting material.

In that light I spoke last week in Sydney to a group of staff involved in the New South Wales ICT Strategy. In NZ we’ve made some great strides over the last year in the implementation of our Declaration on Open and Transparent Government, and in particular the Toolkit and guidance provided by the Data and Information Reuse Secretariat.

So, in the interests of sharing, here are the list of links I mentioned in my talk:

And some examples of data reuse

and even more here.

Interestingly, while NZ is perhaps more advanced with opening government data, Australia has made substantial progress regards research data management, through their new National Research Investment Plan, and the work by the great people at the Australian National Data Service. I think there’s much in that space that we can learn from them.

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