Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research – knowledge management strategy

Seradigm was engaged by this crown research institute to undertake a Knowledge Management Strategy . Given the highly tacit nature of the way knowledge is created and flows in an organisation whose role it is to conduct scientific research, ‘out of the box’ approaches to information systems were unlikely to add value. The purpose of the Strategy was to help identify approaches that would enable Landcare Research to maximise the output and retention of its intangible assets and intellectual capital. The Strategy identified five ‘knowledge transformations’ that would serve to increase the level of tacit knowledge flow in the organisation.Following the Strategy Seradigm has assisted in the establishment of a major knowledge management initiative called ‘Tiaki Matauranga’ (fostering knowledge). This initiative involves the coordination of a number of business process and information technology projects designed to help achieve the goals of the Strategy.

Dr David Penman, Research Manager at Landcare Research commented that Dan and Julian are “improving processes and interactions” and “providing an effective bridge between senior management and science and operational staff”.

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