Lincoln University

Lincoln University needed to redesign their external web site. Julian Carver of Seradigm was engaged to help Lincoln choose both a web design company and a content management system and implementation vendor. This was a challenging process for Lincoln as they weren’t sure which one they would choose first, and how the choice of one would influence the other. Moreover both the marketing and IT departments were involved in the decision with different priorities for each of the above aspects. Julian guided them through defining their requirements for both by developing a set of personas and scenarios. This enabled both marketing and IT staff to clearly articulate what they needed without resorting to lengthy bullet lists of individual features. Several of the web design companies and content management system vendors remarked that the RFP process was refreshing, and much easier to respond to than most similar projects they’d done before.

John Buckler, IT Director at Lincoln University said “Julian led us through a process that was both well structured and very enjoyable. We all learnt a lot and the process kept our, and the prospective vendors’ energy and enthusiasm up through what was a complex and important decision for us”

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