Seradigm provides a range of services as follows.

Whole of sector related

  • Sector wide strategies/action plans for data and information reuse (in particular whole of government, whole of environment sector, whole of science/research sector)
  • Planning for shared services initiatives including scoping and business cases
  • Establishment of governance frameworks for shared services initiatives
  • Performance measurement and review frameworks

Facilitation related

  • Small and large group workshop facilitation
  • Conference chairing
  • Facilitation of senior management strategic planning sessions
  • Facilitation of priority setting and decision making processes
  • Participatory/collaborative consultation processes (involving the use of Web 2.0, Gov 2.0 tools and approaches)
  • A particular focus on technical topic domains and complex interpersonal/interagency environments

Information Systems related

  • Information Systems Strategy
  • Open Data initiatives
  • Data reuse and management strategy
  • IS/IT Governance
  • IS/IT Systems procurement (requirements definition, RFP processes)

Seradigm has a particular focus on knowledge intensive organisations/sectors, and specific domain knowledge in the environment sector (conservation, biodiversity, biosecurity), the science system and research institutes, and open & transparent government and open data.

The above services are provided using a range of methods including output/outcome/intervention logic frameworks, investment logic mapping, systems thinking, and complex systems approaches.

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